Be inspired, start your fitness journey today!

Be inspired, start your fitness journey today!

It can be daunting signing up for a fitness class, where you don’t know anyone and are maybe anxious about your fitness level, recent injuries or your confidence. In this guest post, we hear from one of our members, Catherine, about how Inside Out has helped them.

Before I joined Inside Out, I had been frustrated with my running for a while. My only fitness wish has ever been (& still is) to run and enjoy 10K’s! Trudging around the streets aimlessly three times a week, doesn’t really do it for me as I prefer socialising & meeting new people.

I was SO nervous when I signed up for Inside Out in April 2016. It took me 10 days to actually pluck up the courage to go to my first class. I wish I had gone the next day – I was welcomed with open arms by the coach & the others in class. We were outside in the most amazing space, overlooking Arthur’s Seat. Although I wasn’t very fit, it didn’t matter at all. The class was perfect for all of us (at different fitness levels) & I fitted in perfectly. I was hooked & straight away upped my membership to twice a week.

As a direct result of the amazing classes, my fitness has been transformed, I have lost weight, my strength has improved drastically (I have discovered I love the barbell) and I have met so many absolutely lovely people, which is something I wasn’t really expecting.

As for my main goal of my improving my running – well, i have achieved times I never even imagined someone like me would run. I have run all over Scotland and love spending weekends going to runs (either on my own or often with people I have met through Inside Out). I am also now a Jog Scotland coach and lead the jog & chat group for Inside Out members, on the Meadows once a month. It would be great to see you there.

Catherine, Inside Out Member & Jogging Leader

No need to be shy, give Inside Out a try!

Group Personal Training is a unique concept with our expert coaches making sure you are performing correctly and tailoring sessions to all levels of fitness. As an added bonus you get the inspiration effect of training with others. With fun training sessions that keep you stimulated, nutrition guidance with tools to keep you motivated and a support from a welcoming community of members, you are sure to achieve your fitness goals.

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Have a great week and I hope to welcome you to Inside Out soon.

Marc Malone, Head Coach
Inside Out PT