Coach Marc obtained his degree in Sport & Exercise Science in 2001. With twenty years experience of personal training, Marc has also worked in fitness management and developed workplace wellbeing initiatives. Marc is still just as enthusiastic about spreading the benefits of exercise and helping people live healthier, happier lives now as when he started his career.

Marc’s expertise focusses on TRX training and working with older clients and members with a medical condition

“The amazing members of the inside out community is what makes it so special! I love being creative in designing fun workouts and encouraging them to push past their barriers in fitness sessions and their personal lives”
personal trainer edinburgh

COACH Rachel

With over 15 years of fitness experience in Scotland and abroad, Coach Rachel is a specialist in Group and Personal Training. She has been with Inside Out over five years and has worked on several qualifications including CrossFit and weight lifting.

Rachel’s expertise is in bodyweight and gymnastic movement including mobility, coordination and core strength. She has a clear focus on technique and gradual weight build up.

“I love my work at Inside Out and most importantly; the members. The community I am part of is so encouraging and inspiring, especially when everyone gets involved in the events and challenges. I get inspired by every single person!”
personal trainer edinburgh


Coach Ian has been working as a personal trainer since 2019. Since then he has focussed on strategies that include good nutrition and physical activity to make healthy choices and sustain a balanced lifestyle. His fifteen year experience as a chef has given Ian the passion to educate on lifestyle and nutrition improvements. As a coach he believes in understanding the basics of exercise where his approach is strategic and practical.

“Taking time to learn about others’ experiences informs my own coaching and allows me to be more flexible and empathic when dealing with new people with their own unique circumstances”


I started my journey into health and fitness through team sports at a young age and became interested in the gym as a teenager. Since then I have gained the following qualification: Level 3 personal training, Advanced human motion, Level 3 diploma in exercise referral, Level 3 running coach, Level 4 lower back pain specialist instructor and many more CPD courses over the 15* years I have been working in the industry.

My hobbies are running, hyrox and spending time with family.

“I love that fitness can have such a huge impact on our life both physically and mentally, I also love how it can bring so many people from different backgrounds together.”


Exercise is something I grew up around so becoming a trainer was a very natural thing for me. I had a physical transformation in 2007 and since then, training has become one of the most important things in my life. I think this transformation was the main thing that qualified me, more so than my academic qualifications.

Over the years I’ve learned various forms of exercise such as calisthenics, kettlebells, martial arts, free weights and flexibility and I have trained for different things. Currently, my training is focused more on having fun by going back to old training regimes I did years ago.

“IOPT is a lovely friendly group of members and coaches. The environment is genuine non judgemental where the community is caring and vibrant. We ensure that every session is different. The option to train outside with a small team at a very inspiring location makes this a great place to work on yourself”