Personalised Fitness in a Group Setting

If you are looking to change your body then you first need to fall in love with exercise and enjoy eating well. Results naturally follow…

Inside Out Personal Training can help you!

The expert coaches and welcoming community of members will give you the motivation, guidance and support that you need to transform your body, mind and life from the Inside Out!

Whether you choose outdoor socially distanced sessions or online training, the personalised support in a group setting from Inside Out PT will help you to crave your next fitness session and actually enjoy the empowerment from eating healthily and taking control of your health.

Inside Out puts the fun into fitness and the enjoyment into eating well so that you can get the results that you are looking for!

Top 5 Benefits of Group Personal Training

  1. Socially distanced or online sessions

You can join outdoor socially distanced sessions at private grounds of the Carlton Cricket Club at The grange, or train online via Zoom link. All levels of fitness welcome!

  1. Small group size

A max of six people for outdoor fitness sessions and eight for online sessions.

  1. Expert Guidance

Get guidance, motivation and encouragement through regular reviews with our expert coaches who will ensure you are exercising correctly and at the right level too.

  1. Peer Support

Meet new friends, share tips and advice, take part in a team events. Exclusive access to private Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

  1.  Support Package

Gain access to Inside Out Nutritionist, Dr Laura Wyness and take part in fun weekly challenges to keep you striving towards your goals.

Join the Inside Out Community!

We are looking for both women and men aged in their 30’s to 50’s that are committed to improving their health.

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