Sweet or Savoury?

At Inside Out PT our members are part of an exclusive whatsapp group and private Facebook group. In these groups, members find out programme info and weekly challenges as well as share tips, advice and recipes.

Last week we put two simple questions to our members. Interestingly enough, this small sample of members resulted in an approximate 50-50 split in the answers to both questions.

Question 1: Sweet or Savoury?

At a social event do you go for the chocolate covered strawberries and mini-toffee apples, or the sausage rolls and cheese and crackers?
First and foremost, food is one of the best pleasures in life and is here to be enjoyed. Food is fuel, variety, smell, taste, texture, socilaising, culture and more. Although as human beings, the better something is the more we want it!

Whether you’re a Sweet or Savoury enthusiast, there are things that we can be mindful of if we want to stay on the healthy track the majority of the time.

If you love indulgent sweet treats, by all means enjoy them but bear in mind that sugar can be addictive so try not to let the addiction take hold of you! Maybe try buying the most indulgent sweet treat you can find and have this occasionally – quality over quantity!

If your taste buds are more of the savoury persuasion, eat as big a variety of foods you can, mix it up – its great for your gut health which impacts on our overall wellbeing. However, beware of not letting your portions explode! Remind yourself to question if you really need that big of a portion or a second helping, or are you already satisfied?

Question 2: All-or-Nothing or Moderation?

A bit more contentious then the first questions and interesting to hear some of the responses:

  • Laura R: “Moderation is the secret to a long life as the people who live over 100 will tell you.”
  • Siobhan: “For me, in practice all or nothing seems to work best.”
  • Elspeth: “In the past I’ve tried all or nothing but I’m much better at moderation.”

Both an all-or-nothing and a moderation approach can work. As Laura R says people that live long say that moderation is the key, and also all-or-nothings that have given up meat, alcohol, sugar, etc have proven to live longer lives too.

If you are an all-or-nothing person striving for moderation, a slight knock of track could send you into feeling like you failed, knocking self-confidence. Try not to beat yourself up about it and keep trying. Or instead decide to commit to giving something up or adding something in. It maybe easier for you.

If you are a moderation person, be wary of not letting your habits gently slip into justified excesses. Aim for an 80-20 split where you are focused on your health the majority of the time, but occasionally allow yourself to let the reigns loose.

Elspeth and Siobhan through trial and error have found out which option suits them best, which do you vote for; all-or-nothing or moderation?

If you are all or nothing – go ALL in, fully committed to your plan until at least the 20th December with no looking in the other direction. An alternative is to choose to master the skillful art of moderation by keeping striving for balance this month. The third alternative is to do nothing. The choice is yours. Whichever you choose be kind to yourself and do it because it is the best option for you personally.

Have a fantastic month, enjoying fun times whilst also being in control of your habits this December so you are ready for 2020! You can do it!

Marc Malone,

Head Coach, Inside Out PT