Plan for the Future

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Live for today or plan for tomorrow?

Many of us are consistently presented with this question several times on a daily basis.

Short-term fix or long-term gain?

Do you choose the short term fix of grabbing a take away on the way home or long term gain that comes through taking the time to prepare a healthy meal to nourish your body? Do you opt for immediate satisfaction of reaching for that glass of wine after a hard day’s work or the delayed gratification of saving the wine for the weekends and exercising instead?

Our quick fix society means that everything is readily available. We want things now and can often find a quick fix solution to our problems. But what if those quick fixes no longer solve the problems?

My grandfather’s story

Mainly due to lifestyle choices, my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes in his sixties. He completely changed his lifestyle overnight – eating healthily and exercising regularly, which has continued. My grandfather turned 80 this year and is still fit, strong and independent but it seems that the lifestyle changes came too late as he has almost lost his sight and feeling in his feet due to the side effects of the diabetes.

There is a theory that if you look after your body for your first fifty years of your life, your body will take care of you for the next fifty. I do wonder if my grandfather could turn back time if he would’ve made better lifestyle choices.

Thankfully, my mum has learned from the experience of my grandparents and after years of encouraging her, is now a lot more active in daily life and is a regular at the gym. She makes better food choices too; eating less fast food and sweet treats, eating more vegetables, fruit and oily fish, drinking more water and reducing alcohol consumption. Simple daily practices that add up to a longer and more prosperous life!

Making better choices works!

The ageing process needn’t be like the experience of my grandfather though. Not if you start looking after yourself and making better choices. There is a 93 year old lady who comes to one of my Pilates classes. She’s always smiling and full of energy, she doesn’t look a day over seventy and can do more than some attendees in their fifties! This lady clearly has and still is making better lifestyle choices… Like attending Pilates, tai chi and other fitness classes!

My main motivation to exercise and eat healthily is because it makes me feel good! Empowered, energised and exhilarated! But at the back of my mind, I do consider how I want my health to be in the future.

How do you want to live your life in future?

Take a look at the health of your parents, grandparents and other older people when you are out and about. What is the condition of their health? How do you want to live your later years of life?

You don’t need to live your life like a saint, just make better choices on a daily basis. The feeling of empowerment you will get from doing this comes today, the longer term health benefits will continue tomorrow and way into the future!