Looking for some post-lockdown fitness fun?

Try Group Personal Training at Inside Out.

How has your lockdown experience been?

“Lockdown” has been a challenge in different ways for all of us. Despite the tough times, this unique period of our lives has also delivered some magical outcomes. In terms of your exercise experience, it could have went either way.

If you were a regular exerciser before lockdown, maybe you stepped up your fitness to the next level, getting maximum benefit of the sanity-hour of outdoor exercise.

Maybe “lockdown” inspired you to dig out your fitness equipment for the first time in ages and you soon got addicted to the buzz from a session and loved feeling the changes in your body.

Perhaps you just found the whole situation too harrowing or were apprehensive about going out and some unhealthy habits were used as coping measures to deal with a stressful time. No shame in this – it was an unprecedented worldwide catastrophe that has had huge effects on our mental wellbeing.

Time for a fresh, new start…

However your “lockdown” experience has been, we now move into a period of transition as we adjust to a new way of life. Who knows what’s in store but this is the perfect time for you to decide to either start making your regular exercise a priority or step your fitness game up to another level.

Inside Out is here to help you shake off those “lockdown” pressures, enjoying fun fitness experiences with training buddies in a safe and responsible manner.

You will not only love the results of your body looking and feeling better, and your mind feeling less stressed and in more control, but you will have a great time in the process too!

…That’s what life’s about right?!

Why choose Inside Out PT?

Outdoor or Online Fitness Sessions

Online sessions take place via Zoom link. Outdoor group personal training sessions are socially distanced and delivered at the private grounds of the Carlton Cricket Club on Grange Loan. An inspiring setting to achieve your goals!

An Expert Team

Our team are fully qualified and insured and have years of experience in their relative fields. We are creative in developing new ways of keeping you motivated and will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

A change in mindset

No fad diets or quick fixes here. We leave out the complicated jargon too. At Inside out we will support you with developing maintainable habits that work for you and your lifestyle. The number one ingredient is FUN! We want you to enjoy the feeling of empowerment that taking control of your health will bring.

Well-being Support Package

Alongside the exciting training sessions and regular reviews with your Coach your membership also includes access to nutrition support, members events, fun challenges and team events to keep you motivated.

A welcoming community of members

As a member of the Inside Out Community you will feel supported in your journey to better health. Get the inspirational effect of training with others to get even better results. Share tips and advice, help one another to overcome struggles and encourage successes.

A convenient way to exercise

We understand that you have a busy life and therefore we have implemented a simple booking system where you can choose from a number of outdoor or online group PT sessions and book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Book your free outdoor or online Group Personal Training session today.