We provide support for you to transform your lifestyle from the Inside Out

The outstanding package of support your receive from Inside Out PT will ensure you get the results you are looking for and have fun in the process!

Each membership includes weekly Semi-Private Personal Training sessions that take place in the Inside Out studio or within the stunning private grounds of Carlton Cricket Club.

There are over 15 sessions to choose from each week. They are varied, fun and challenging, with a maximum of six people in each one hour session – the perfect number to share and inspire one another, without escaping the gaze of our expert Body Transformation Coaches. Here is our weekly PT session timetable:

Our training memberships are for 12 or 24 weeks as this ensures that you fully commit to making those necessary lifestyle changes. You can choose the option of training twice or three times a week, depending on your circumstances and what the Coaches recommend.

Inside Out PT Memberships includes:


  • Fun and challenging fitness sessions for a maximum of 6 people
  • Access to online fitness sessions
  • Access to monthly Inside Out running clinic and social runners group
  • Join the community in entering fun fitness events and challenges


  • Goal setting sessions with an allocated mentor every 6 weeks
  • Fun challenges, regular monitoring and communication
  • Peer and Coach support through Facebook and whatsapp groups


  • Online Nutrition support and monthly seminar with Genna
  • Inside Out Recipe Book and Meal Plans
  • Weekly nutrition challenges
  • Access to weekly Inside Out Shape Up group


  • Access to the Inside Out online physio support service
  • Discounts on Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Podiatry, Life coaching and more…

We currently have a 6-week Kick Starter Membership offer with a 25% discount for new members, to help get you in shape.