Personal Training and Coaching

Our Small Group Personal Training and Coaching programmes specialise in transforming you from unfit, low energy and unmotivated to a person with strength, energy, confidence and a body you can be proud of.
Do you:
– Lack motivation to really make that change?
– Feel like you don’t have enough time?
– Have a lack of self confidence or self belief?
– Feel like you need a kick after an injury or illness?
– Feel like your work gets in the way or is too stressful?
– Feel Lazy?
– Lack encouragement and support from others?
– Lack the understanding or knowledge to transform your body and life?
– Feel turned off and de-motivated by impersonal gym memberships.
If so then you are in the right place!
Our philosophy at Inside Out Personal Training is that a change in your body should last a lifetime, we will introduce you to new ways of approaching your training, life and nutrition to build the foundation for new habits and a new lifestyle to ensure you not only achieve the results you desire, but you keep them as well. We believe your body transformation needs to be approached from a multitude of different angles.
Training – All of our training sessions take place in our studio or within the stunning private grounds of Carlton Cricket Club. Each session will be approximately one hour long with one of our expert Body Transformation Coaches. We have handpicked the best around; each with their own areas of expertise and unique styles to really bring out the most you have to offer.

Nutrition – All of our packages include nutrition training designed by Expert Nutritionist Shane J Nugent MSc. In order to get the body you deserve that is functioning in optimal health, exercise alone will not be enough. You will also need to tackle your eating habits to ensure that you get the results you are capable of achieving.

The Nutrition Education you will receive from Shane is designed to help you create solid foundations of a healthier way of eating that you can maintain for life. No foods are banned and this is definitely not a fad diet that works whilst you are doing whatever the latest myth says to do!

The skills you will learn are tools you can use to help sculpt your body and improve your health in a simple and effective way by making small achievable weekly changes, giving you the building blocks to learn how to eat healthier, gain more control of your eating, and more self-awareness, so you can feel better about yourself and your body.

You will also have continual access to Shane throughout your programme to ask any of those tricky nutrition questions!

Accountability, Support and Mindset – There are 168 hours in a week. Extremely dedicated individuals will spend a maximum of 5 hours with us a week. That leaves 163 hours in the week that most people are left to their own devices with most Personal Trainers and gyms. Not you, not with us. At Inside Out PT you will be mentored through your plan by our coaching team, set weekly achievable targets and get added into a fantastic community of like minded individuals. You are never on your own when you’re with Inside Out.
Now we don’t just take on anyone, our training will get extraordinary results, but it will also be challenging. We are only looking for you if you really want and/or need to make a big U turn. Is that you?