It is not how you start the year, but how you finish it that matters, is what I read recently.  One of my new year’s resolutions in my role as Head Transformation Coach at Inside Out PT, was to write more blogs and post more on social media. It is April now and I am just getting around to it, so it’s probably best to keep these words of wisdom in mind if I am to finish the year feeling proud! Here is my first blog of the year…

The beginning

Inside Out Personal Training was started in August 2015 by Stevie Gimour, with myself employed as Head Transformation Coach. At the time, after 14 years of working in fitness, my passion was fading and I was considering alternative career options.

This soon changed as I witnessed first-hand the effectiveness of small group personal training sessions. Not only were our members inspired to push themselves harder in the training sessions but they were also supporting each other outside of the sessions which led to even better results for them. With the welcoming atmosphere created by the group camaraderie and the opportunity for me to create fun training sessions, my love for fitness soon returned!

As member numbers grew at Inside Out PT, two additional coaches, Rachel and David were employed to help deliver the 17 PT sessions available each week, along with a Nutritionist providing online support. The business was in good shape with members enjoying the programmes, getting positive results and many becoming longer-term members, so it came as a bit of a shock when Stevie decided that he wanted to sell the business.

A new start, new responsibilities, new and improved member support

For the past nine years I have been a freelance Fitness Specialist and the commitment and responsibilities involved in running a business was quite a daunting prospect! However, the beautiful location of the studio at The Grange in Edinburgh and the amazing members made it an easy decision and as of 1st February, I became the owner of Inside Out Personal Training.

Since taking ownership, I have been working hard to ensure that my main priority, which is our members, are even better supported in their journey to better health.

Alongside developing innovative ways to keep members accountable, our nutrition support package has been boosted by adding weekly challenges and Inside Out Shape Up, for members to meet up weekly to discuss nutrition topics. Our new Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Genna provides nutritional support and delivers a monthly seminar at the Inside Out studio.

We have introduced a monthly running events open to all Inside Out members including a runner’s clinic for members to improve their technique, a social runners group for members to jog and chat, and a team outing to parkrun.

Our members can access an Online Physio Support service to receive simple treatment advice for minor niggles, and non-members can also access additional well-being services delivered at the Inside Out studio including weekly Yoga and Pilates classes, podiatry services, massage therapy and life coaching.

Maybe the Inside Out Team can help you?

I have realised that my life purpose is to help as many people as possible improve their lifestyles and feel better about themselves. Inside Out PT seems to be the perfect vehicle for me to do this and with a cracking team beside me and a wonderful community of members, maybe we can help you kick start your healthy habits in time for summer. Sustainable changes that you can maintain so that you finish the year feeling proud!

Now I’ve completed my first post, I need to find time for regular blogs and social media alongside everything else! This post has been all about me, but when you join the Inside Out Community, it is all about you! It’s not how you start the year but how you finish that matters…

Hope to see you at the Inside Out Studio soon.

Best wishes,

Marc Malone (Head Transformation Coach)