Marc’s messages

Marc’s Messages

Isn’t it funny that here in Edinburgh we spend so much time moaning about the poor weather, desperately longing for some heat and sunshine. Then suddenly as if by magic, the clear blue skies arrive and the sun burns bright, rising the temperature. Cue the moans – “it’s too hot!”, “why do I have to work in this lovely weather” and “I don’t have any clothes to wear.”

For the body conscious among us, the latter moan seems to have more relevance in the summer months rather than at other times of the year. In winter you can get away with using clothing to cover up body parts you maybe less proud of. On those rare mega hot days there are just two choices; remain in sweat marked clothes or reveal the flesh!
Despite the promises you have been making to yourself to get in shape since January, maybe life just “got in the way” and then all of a sudden summer is here! The weather inspires you to get started in your healthier lifestyle. But then, the allure of the sunshine also comes accompanied with bar-b-q’s, alcohol and socialising temptations that seem to knock you off track.

Maybe the prospect of wearing your beach clothes on your summer holiday was enough to keep you motivated to stay in shape through the year. Or perhaps weeks before you embarked upon a crash diet and half committed to getting fit, which got you some results. Only to end up in a worse position then when you started after a period of overseas overindulgence and slipping back into bad habits upon your return.

It is consistency in everyday habits that brings sustainable results and keeping motivation high to maintain these practices is what is needed. Setting weekly fitness and nutrition goals can help to keep you focused. When you achieve these goals, this can give you a motivational boost in the short term. Seeing changes in your body provides satisfaction and continued motivation to keep progressing.
Many of our VIP clients get immense satisfaction from being able to fit into clothes that had been hidden away in their cupboards for years. Or treating themselves to new smaller sized clothes as a reward for all their hard work!
What summer we did have here in Edinburgh is pretty much over! Will you be going back to hiding away in clothes that are getting just a little too tight? Or will you make a committed effort to improving your fitness and eating well in the next few months? Personal satisfaction, compliments from others and buying a new smaller sized outfit or two could be some of the rewards waiting for you at Christmas if you do!