Top 10 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Holiday

You’ve been disciplined and have worked so hard in the lead up to your holiday. Life is stressful and you just want to let your hair down and not to worry.

Your holiday arrives and you let the reigns totally loose, eating anything you want and anything you can. You’re so tired that all you want to do is sit on a sun lounger and relax. You deserve it, you have worked so hard! This pattern continues throughout your holiday.

You return home and step on the scales and are horrified at the results and wonder how it happened. All of your hard work and efforts in the lead up to the holiday have been reversed and it seems like you are back to square one.

Here are my top ten tips to prevent this happening. Pick the ones that are most relevant to you and stick to them for a healthier, happier holiday!

  1. Pack your gym gear

You may have decided that exercise is not on the agenda and you would prefer to relax and make it a more sedentary affair. But what if you change your mind? What if you suddenly get a boost of inspiration and a surge of energy and are suddenly desperate to move but have no trainers? Pack your kit and then at least you have the choice.

  1. Up your steps

Exploring your holiday destination on foot as much as possible is the perfect way to experience the local environment and increase your daily step count too. The more you move, the more calories you burn! You could even set yourself a steps challenge for the week and monitor this using your Fitbit or mobile phone. What about 100,000 steps over the course of a week as a target?

  1. Make a simple daily commitment

Each morning, make a simple healthy commitment for the day:

  • “I will eat my 5 A Day.”
  • “I will have a salad for lunch.”
  • “I will only have two courses at dinner.”
  • “I will drink a glass of water between alcohol drinks.”

Sticking to this simple daily commitment will give you keep you on track, give a sense of empowerment and feeling of being in control.

  1. Keep Hydrated

It’s easy to get so busy with holiday activities that you forget to drink enough water. Keeping hydrated is the foundation health and is especially important if you are in a warmer climate, exercising, or consuming alcohol. Make a special effort to get your 2 litres a day.

  1. Up the veggies and fruit

Regardless of whatever else you are consuming, make sure you eat a rainbow vegetables every day. Salad for lunch, fruit for breakfast, make it a colourful holiday!

  1. Ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Temptations will arise constantly. It’s important to find a balance between having what you want and totally blowing your plan by excessively indulging in unhealthy behaviours. The simple question “do I really need this” before eating will keep you conscious of what you are eating.

  1. Do your restaurant research

We live in an era where at our finger tips we can find out foods on the menu and see customer reviews and photos. Pick a restaurant that cooks with fresh, natural ingredients and avoid processed foods where possible. Be mindful of your choices.

  1. Limit Social Media

You have waited all of that time for your holiday and then you spend the whole time connected with your life at home via social media. No wonder it sometimes seems that the holiday didn’t happen! Choose a set time each day to check in with social media and get full value from your holiday by absorbing yourself in your holiday environment the rest of the time!

  1. Get out of the comfort zone!

Being away from home is the perfect opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and sample the delights of the local cuisine. It is also a great opportunity to break some old habits and develop new healthier ways of living that you can continue when you return. Embrace the opportunity!

  1. Enjoy yourself!

You’re on holiday so the number one priority is to enjoy yourself! If you do use any of the tips above, you can also enjoy feeling empowered, making it a healthier and an even happier holiday!