For a motivational boost – try a fitness event with your training buddies!

Sometimes striving for weight loss just isn’t enough! Motivation is a funny thing and although you maybe desperate to tip the scales in your favour, it may not be enough to keep you motivated to exercise regularly.

A fitness event as a target could give you  inspirational boost and keep you  adhering to your training regime when the weather is rubbish, the days are shorter and it’s a struggle to prioritise fitness.

With your of goal of being in tip top physical condition when the event arrives, you will be more dedicated to your working out regularly, and before you know it, your clothes start fitting better, the scales give a better reading and you generally start feeling better about yourself.

At the event, you have great fun and give it your all, feeling proud that you trained hard and tried your best on the day!

Perhaps a fitness event to aim towards can help you stay motivated too…

In this second guest blog from Inside Out member and Jog Leader, Catherine (“The Queen of Fun Run Bling!” talks about some of the events that she and our other members have participated in with Inside Out, over the last few years.

Catherine’s top four Edinburgh Fitness Events

‘’One of the things I have really enjoyed about Inside Out is meeting people, to go to runs with. I have always entered lots of events, but had previously mostly gone on my own. It is really great to have company, now.


I love Parkrun and have enjoy both our local ones – Cramond is an out and back run, which is flat, fast and by the sea which is so refreshing on a Saturday morning, whilst Figgate Park is 3 loops of a gorgeous park in Portobello. I am not much of a trail runner, but do need to get to Vogrie sometime, I have heard it is super pretty, which is one of the things I like about running. It is an opportunity for some headspace & to enjoy the outdoors.

Scottish 10K

I think my favourite 10K run has to be the Scottish 10K. Held in September, this is a tarmac, flat course out to Prestonpans and back, starting from Musselburgh race course. It is so well organised and massively encouraging that so many people come out (with sweets!) to support the runners at 9am on a Sunday morning. An added bonus is that the medals have got bigger, for the last 3 years! I am interested to see if this continues, this year.

Kelpies Supervova 5K

My favourite 5K is the Kelpies night run. For the last 3 years, a number of us from Inside Out have entered for the Saturday night, which has taken place in November. Although the weather hasn’t been ideal, we have always had a wonderful time. The 30 metre high giant iron statues of the Kelpies are floodlight and everyone always turns out dressed in bright neon clothes (including tutus!). The entry fee includes head torch which adds to the fantastic and fun atmosphere.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Another really good day is the Edinburgh Marathon Festival relay. The marathon distance is split into 4 legs, of 8.5, 5.5, 8 and 4.4 miles; there really is something for everyone and last year we had 2 of our jogging groups Couch to 5K stars running. The atmosphere is always great and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to run around streets that are not normally closed for runners. Over the course of this weekend, there are also Marathon, half marathon, 5K & 10K runs. The 5&10K events begin with the iconic route around Arthurs Seat, whilst the half and full marathon and marathon relay events take in scenic views into East Lothian.’’

If you think a fitness event could be a good motivation solution for you, why not try taking part in one of Catherine’s recommendations and encourage some friends, family members or colleagues to join you? It’s so much fun doing it as a team.

Join Team Inside Out!

At Inside Out PT, we organise a number of team fitness events through the year which have  included Tough Mudder, Gung Ho and Edinburgh Silent Disco tour, as well as Catherine’s recommendations! So, if you are looking for some training buddies that you can get fit with and enjoy the events togther, joining the Inside Out Coummity could be for you.

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