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My struggles with DIY (Do It Yourself)

I’m not really a fan of DIY jobs around the home.
I never seem to get around to doing it.
Then suddenly, with a surge of inspiration I may start a job or two; maybe start some painting or begin to fix something that is in desperate need of repair. Until something else gets in the way, the perfect excuse to vacate the tasks that slips further down the priority list, leaving jobs half finished. It always seems that every corner I try to cut, makes the task even harder to complete! And if I do get around to finishing, my money-saving seems like a waste of time as I never seem to do the jobs as well as the professionals anyway, despite my research on YouTube!
Are you a DIY enthusiast?
Do you take a DIY approach to your health and fitness?
Maybe you embark on the journey alone in doing what needs to be done by yourself without the help of the professionals?
You could be fantastic at DIY fitness and are motivated to keep exercising. Some are. Or maybe you are like me and my DIY jobs around the home; you never get around to starting and when you do because it becomes unavoidable.
You don’t get the results you want or lose motivation quickly, partaking in a stop-start journey towards better health.
Are your DIY attempts bringing you the results want?
If you do start some DIY exercise, are you getting maximum benefits from your time investment? Lots of people decide to get fit by running which is great as it’s free and can deliver fantastic results. But the truth is that you need to get fit and strong to be able to run and avoid injury and that is advice that not many people think about.
Are you really looking after yourself?
Maybe you’re a gym-goer, paying your monthly fee for use of the facilities without support. I’ve seen plenty of people with atrocious technique when exercising, going unnoticed by the gym attendants and I always wonder about the damage they are doing to the only body that they will ever know. What do you spend your hard earned money on? So, why do people choose DIY instead of drafting in the help of the professionals? More often then not, it comes down to cost.
Who exactly wouldn’t want to save a little money?!
A recent trip to Livingston shopping centre had me fascinated – hundreds of people ambling along disheveled with multiple shopping bags in hand, struggling, looking totally unhealthy. And then getting into a nice car.
I see the same type of people at fancy restaurants all the time. Too any people seem to be happy to invest in the external parts of life but yet seem to neglect the internal. When the only real wealth is being in good health!.
My spare room needs to be decorated. I’ve been putting it off for months. To make sure I get the best possible outcome, I’ve decided to scrap the DIY and bring in the professionals. Maybe you should consider the same when it comes to your fitness, health and well-being.