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Regular Eating – Yes I mean Eat Regularly!!

**Marc’s Message**

Feeling tired, can’t shift the weight, have energy slumps or lack concentration???


Following an irregular eating plan may result in a slower metabolic rate, making it more difficult for you to burn calories and lose weight.


EAT a meal or snack every three to four hours at approx. the same time each day,

Easier said then done I hear you say.

Maybe, but there are Soooo many benefits, you would be crazy not to at least try It ..


–           stabilize blood sugar level, preventing diabetes

–           a lower blood cholesterol level,

–           preventing heart disease;

–           greater energy and concentration levels  

–           increase metabolism

–           reduced fatigue.

I once had a personal training client who weighed thirty stone. She used to think that if she went for long periods without eating she was consuming fewer calories. It wasn’t until she kept a food diary that she realised that the longer period she would leave between meals, the more she would eat. So she was actually consuming all of the days’ calories plus more in just one or two meals on days when she skipped meals. She ate less when she began to eat regularly.

More Benefits…

–           Find it easier to stop eating at the end of a meal

–           Reduce portion sizes

–           Stop thinking about food in between meals

–           Reduce the temptation of high fat and sugary foods.

A lot of the time if we have irregular eating patterns and let yourself get too hungry our brain says to our body “keep the body fat, I might need it to survive” It’s a clever survival instinct that is part of the human brain, you can blame your caveman ancestor’s for that one!

However, YOU can take control of your eating habits by bringing it more into your conscious awareness each day until you form better habits.

So, if you want to lose weight and eat healthier, developing a regular eating pattern is a great starting point.

Here are some top tips to help you out:

Eat Breakfast:

Research has shown that when we skip breakfast, there is an area of the brain that makes us more likely crave foods high in bad fats and sugar. That’s what you call getting off on the wrong foot!

If you are ‘not a breakfast person’ start just by eating something to kick start your metabolism and build it from there.

A high protein breakfast will keep you satisfied (eggs are the best!)

Watch out for cereals as most have a high sugar content (even the ‘Healthy’ ones!)

Plan Ahead:

Plan your meals and snacks in advance and set aside times to eat.

Batch cook and freeze to save time.

Keep a Food Diary:

People that keep food diaries statistically lose more weight. FACT. Its not like you have to do it for life, just until the old bad habits have been changed into awesome new healthy ones!

Choose Healthy Snacks:

Crunchy raw vegetables, fresh fruit, crackers, oatcakes, natural yoghurts, nuts etc.

  • If you are not getting hungry between meals and are not over eating at meal times, then you may not need the snack in between. It’s a bit of trial and error to find out what works for you. Another reason to keep a diary to track what’s going on.

Its your health, there are no shortcuts to a truly healthy body inside and out so its worth making the effort NOW.

Good luck and get in touch if you have any questions…


Head Body Transformation Coach

Inside Out Personal Training