What are we running away from?

MOTIVATION – how do we create and sustain it?

This one is absolute key and is something I have certainly struggled with over the years in certain areas of my life. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know how to stay motivated, consistently? It can be tough and it can go up and down. So here is how to keep it up the majority of the time!

We can look at motivation in two ways and its crucial you are doing more of one and not the other…

“AWAY FROM” and “TOWARDS” Motivation.

The best way to describe “away from’ motivation is imagine you are standing next to something that you just cant stand, something really disgusting!!… and you would do anything to get away from it …. quickly! It doesn’t really matter what direction you go in as long as you move away from it to make yourself feel better.

So when you get far enough away your motivation stops as your situation becomes more bearable, things become ‘ok’ again. AND …  because you didn’t really know where you were going you could just creep back to where you started! And so the process starts again. 

Now having some ‘away from’ motivation can be a good thing, however, many of us subconsciously think like this a lot of the time, and its not helping us move forward, in fact its holding us back.

When we frame our goals more “Towards” exactly where we want to get to and map out a specific action plan of how to get there, in a specific timeframe, then we are 1000 times more likely to take action and stay motivated throughout the journey.

Hitting small targets to see and feel results will also keep you motivated. If you are not getting results you need to change what you are doing!


Check that your goal is what you actually want by asking yourself WHY do you want it? WHY is it important to you to get it? You need a powerful WHY or else the motivation to do it will not be strong.

Your WHY must be in alignment with your core values and beliefs or else you are likely to sabotage your journey at some point.

It is rarely the first reason you think of and when you get down to the true WHY it can be the powerful mindset shift to kick you into action.

Find your WHY, write it down and remind yourself of it regularly, especially if you feel your motivation fading.

We all like REWARDS!

Of course when we start to see and feel results this will give you a further boost and may be rewarding enough to keep you on track. You may also want to put a more tangible reward in. The key with a reward is that it has to be valuable to YOU. AND you only get it if you achieve the mini milestone that you have set yourself.

ACCOUNTABILITY…. this part is vital!

Having a group or at least one person to support you and hold you accountable along the way is crucial. Tell each other your goals and support each other. We need others to help motivate us. Needing support is not being ‘weak’, its human nature, we thrive on support from others and also enjoy giving support. 

To conclude……

So, by deciding on exactly want you want, when you want it by, why you want it, making sure its realistic/challenging, mapping out the smaller actions that will get you there and having at least one person to support you, you are setting yourself up to go ‘towards’ your biggest dreams….

Simple! But don’t confuse simple with being easy! This takes effort and when you have a powerful WHY you will do it.

Yes there may be a few bumps along the way or the odd wrong turn, but we can accept and deal with this and remember to stay focused on what we want and why we want it.

You have the power and the only person that gets in our way is….. ourselves! 

Everything is possible so aim high and if you have any questions about getting yourself motivated or want help going through this process then just get in touch.