What attracted you to get in touch with IOPT?

Saw the advert on Facebook and wanted to up my game in terms of PT. Felt I’d progressed as far as I could with my current programme at the time.

What was going on in your life at that time?

A very recent and “terminal” diagnosis made me more determined than ever to optimise my health and fitness as much as possible- the only control I had over my situation at the time.  I felt it would also help mentally as well as physically (it has).  I fully believe that training as I did up to 4-5 times a week, every week has also benefitted my medical treatment and efficacy of it. It also got me through some very emotionally tough weeks.

Had you previously tried anything to improve your health and fitness? 

Yes- PT elsewhere- but bookings becoming problematic for the times I needed to fit in with work and felt I’d reached a plateau. I attended metafit, and outdoor sessions- kettlebells and “fit camp” also. I still attend kettlebells and Boxfit to date combined with IOPT as I love these classes too!

What has changed in your life since joining IOPT?

Much more toned, lost weight and feel overall happier, healthier and fitter.  It has become part of my life- in fact I really miss it- currently out of action because of a sports injury.

What are the coaches like!? 

All fantastic and professional. All very different personalities, approaches and style but that’s what makes the sessions so good. They all compliment one another so never a chance to become bored with any sessions. I have trained with all 3 and love them all!!

All very supportive, motivated and encouraging during sessions.  They genuinely want to help clients achieve their personal goals and often go the extra mile in providing fitness and nutrition advice/ recommending apps and for me; a home fitness programme while out of action with my injury.

What are the training sessions like!?

Tough but excellent. Always alternatives given if sporting an injury or need an “easier” option! Always varied so never a chance to become bored. No matter how fit/ unfit people feel they are, everyone is helpful and supportive. No one is made to feel “left out” if they can’t keep up or find sessions more difficult.

What is the best thing about IOPT? 

Venue, coaches, training equipment etc Can’t fault it at all😄 Also the clients…become friends with a few!

What would you say to anyone thinking about coming for a Free Transformation Session with IOPT? 

Go for it! You won’t regret it.

Sum up IOPT in 3 words!

Motivational, friendly and professional.

Anything else you would like to add?

Best thing I’ve invested in, not only money wise but time wise too! Thank you IOPT👍🏻