What attracted you to get in touch with IOPT? 

‘transformation’ link seen on facebook and liked the idea of small group training. I knew I had to do something soon and ‘transformation’ was certainly required!

What was going on in your life at that time? 

Too much was going on !  My work was very stressful, some of my family were not keeping great health and I was very conscious that I was getting older, weighing more and leading a very sedentary life. I have a very active 13 year old son who wanted me to try all the adventurous things he was trying and it was getting me down that I was constantly saying no

Had you previously tried anything to improve your health and fitness? 

I had tried every dieting regime in the book….Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers, Lighterlife, Juice yourself Slim ! I never had the patience to wait for the results of Weight Watchers or Scottish Slimmers and although I lost a lot of weight quickly with Lighterlife I felt anything but healthy…..but then how could you if you only ‘ate’ 600cal a day !!

I shied away from exercise as I was so embarrassed at being so overweight and unfit. It was a vicious circle.

What has changed in your life since joining IOPT? 

Everything has changed. I exercise every day, I am conscious of the types of food I am eating and more importantly for me….why I am eating. 80% of the time it is not because I am hungry.

With my son I have completed the ‘Go Ape’ challenge at Glentress and started Wakeboarding – although rocking the wetsuit look is still a challenge !!

What are the coaches like!? 

Each coach has their own style but they are all amazing and always there to help and encourage whenever you need it. My exercise routine is the early morning sessions so the coach I spend most time with is Marc. He is a true star…..he will listen, advise, encourage and train you to a level you didn’t think possible. Everyone needs a Marc in their life !

What are the training sessions like!? 

Hard work but in a fun and encouraging environment. When I joined I expected to meet lots of people who had lots of weight to lose…like I did. After my first couple of sessions I realised that there is a real mix of ability and I have to admit I felt a little intimidated. I needn’t have though……everyone has their own goals and everyone encourages you to reach those goals.

What is the best thing about IOPT? 

The training sessions and their impact on not only your physical but also your mental health. Getting up at 5.30am is not the best….but by the time the 6.30am class is finished I am ready to face the day in a positive way

What would you say to anyone thinking about coming for a Free Transformation Session with IOPT? 

Bite the bullet and just do it !

Sum up IOPT in 3 words!

Encouraging, inspirational, fun

Anything else you would like to add? 

A big thank you to everyone at IOPT, my journey is far from over but I have come so much further than I ever would without the IOPT team.