What attracted you to get in touch with IOPT? 

Convenience to home & gorgeous setting outside – I’m not a gym person & much prefer outdoor activities so having the indoor and outdoor option is great.

What was going on in your life at that time?

I’d just returned from 6 months in the tropics where it was hard to keep up regular activity – hard to believe as we shiver in Edinburgh! It actually completely drove me round the twist!!

Had you previously tried anything to improve your health and fitness? 

I’ve always been active – Scottish schools athletics medals, rowing for university, number of 10k’s & wanted to improve my run times & to make fun running more enjoyable

What has changed in your life since joining IOPT?

I love the classes & have kept up 4-5 a week for 6 months now – they’re integral in my life! I much prefer them to running round the Meadows on my own in the dark…!

What are the coaches like!? 

I do regular classes with 2 of the coaches & they’re both great. Each has a different style but they’re very complimentary as you focus on different things & use different muscle groups.

What are the training sessions like!?

Sweaty! Fun & results focused.

What is the best thing about IOPT? 

I never thought I’d be able to run the 5k time I have done 😄

Sum up IOPT in 3 words!

Sweaty, fun & friendly