For those bored of the gym

So many people are paying for gym memberships that they never use.

I am reading a book by Adam Kay named “It’s Going to Hurt” the secret diaries of a junior doctor. Apparently he had a show in the recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In the book he is recommending that one of his patient’s starts exercising to which the patient responded: “I have a gym membership, I just haven’t attended in about £3,000”!

I laughed. The book has some hilarious lines and is definitely worth a read. But then as I reflected, it hit home that this is a similar predicament that people often find themselves in.

Is the gym the answer?

Many people see the gym as the answer to their physical inactivity, paying their monthly membership fee in the hope that they will find a sudden boost of inspiration and start attending on a regular basis. Regular attendance is of course the key to getting the benefits to their body and mind that exercise provides.

Sometimes this happens. Maybe there is a holiday approaching or a big event, so they start attending again and getting results.

Post event, they fall out of the habit and when they do attend they find themselves doing the same routine, which soon gets boring so they fall out of the habit. Sound familiar?

Months pass by with no gym attendance and yet the direct debits keep leaving the bank account and next thing they haven’t attended in £3,000!

Maybe there is another answer to your lack of physical activity. A way to keep motivated to exercise on a regular basis. Having fun getting fit. Being inspired by others. Getting support from experts that genuinely care about you and keeping you accountable.

Have you ever tried Semi-Private Personal Training?

There are a raft of benefits to training alongside others with expert guidance. Here are my top 5:

  1. Better Results

In over 15 years’ experience as a personal trainer I have never seen people push themselves further than in small group PT sessions. The inspiration effect from others seems to take their efforts to a higher level. This leads to better changes to your body.

  1. Cost Effective

You can train twice a week for less than the price of a one to one personal training session. Government guidelines recommend we do strength building activities at least twice a week. Tick! And training twice a week rather than once also leads to better results. Bonus!

  1. Expert Guidance

Ever been to a fitness class or bootcamp and hid at the back. There may have been so many people that you didn’t even know if the instructor noticed you. Maybe you were doing the wrong technique and didn’t know. As there is a maximum of six people per session, you get the expert guidance you need and our coaches will keep you accountable to make sure you attend. Our nutritionist will provide tips and advice to keep on the healthy track.

  1. Social Opportunities

You will get support from people on a similar journey to better health – sharing tips and advice and helping to overcome struggles and encouraging successes. You may meet new friends and meet up outside of PT sessions. Or take part in a team fitness event.

  1. FUN

If exercise is fun, you are more likely to attend on a regular basis. With different sessions each time you attend, your body will be challenged in new ways leading to better results and your mind will be stimulated so you won’t get bored! The fun challenges will help you to actually enjoy exercise!

Make a commitment today!

If you have a gym membership, make sure you make a special effort to attend this week. Don’t let another direct debit leave the account without attending. Make a commitment to a number of attendances this month and stick to it.

But if you’ve decided that the gym isn’t really for you, maybe you could try semi-private personal training at Inside Out PT.  We have over 15 weekly sessions to choose from at a beautiful location with an expert team and a vibrant community of members of women and men of all ages, shapes and fitness levels.

Fill out a transformation application here or contact us at to book your free taster session today, to find your love for fitness, eating well and self-care.

Marc Malone – Head Coach, Inside Out PT

Top 10 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Holiday

Top 10 tips to stay on track at a celebration event or social occasion

Are you one of the many people that finds it easier to make healthier choices when you are in your typical weekly routine but then struggle to keep in control at celebration events or social occasions? Sometimes all it takes is for one heavy night out to completely derail your healthy living intentions. Here are my top ten tips to stay on the happier, healthier track if you have an upcoming special event or social occasion to look forward to.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you know you have an event or social occasion approaching, plan a healthy week in the lead up to the event – get lots of exercise in, have healthy meals and snacks and limit the sweet treats and alcohol.


  1. Exercise on the day

An exercise session on the day of the event will put you on top form, feeling energised and in a good mood with your body feeling that little bit firmer! Great for feeling good about yourself.


  1. Eat before you go

Many people make the mistake of doing the complete opposite, practically starving themselves the day of the event. When you are in a state of hunger, your body craves fats and sugar more. Eat first and you will have more control and make better decisions.


  1. Make a rule

Pick a simple rule for the evening that will keep you focused. You could try; not having any nibbles, only having two courses, having a glass of water between drinks. Whichever personalised rule you make for yourself, stick to it!


  1. Drive, don’t drink

If you are the designated driver it will be easier to refuse alcoholic drinks when they are offered. If you are planning on drinking alcohol, a glass of water between drinks and choosing a lower calorie/sugar option, can act as damage limitation!


  1. Ask for support

Many people have special dietary requirements these days. You have yours also. Although they may not be allergy related, if you are trying to eat healthier, perhaps you could let your host or the people you are with know. We all need to be healthier and they may be inspired to plan a healthier menu for everyone because of you request!


  1. Sit away from the nibbles!

Not eating before you go can lead to feeling like a savage beast when the nibbles are sat down beside you! If you never got a chance to eat first, move to a place where the nibbles are out of reach!


  1. Smaller portions

Sometimes you may not have control over what you are served, but you will have control over how much you eat. Ask for a smaller portion. If you’re at a buffet choose a smaller plate. Eating before you go will give you control over this too.


  1. Plan a healthy aftermath

In advance of the event, ensure you have your cupboards stocked with healthy foods so that there is no excuse that can stop you getting back on track as soon as possible. This most important – a one-off event won’t do too much damage in comparison with days and weeks of unhealthy habits.


  1. Enjoy yourself

Life is to be enjoyed and social occasions are the perfect opportunity to do so. You can enjoy yourself whist also feeling empowered that you are in control and making better choices.  Whatever the outcome, never beat yourself up, just accept what’s happened and move on as quickly as you can.

Marc Malone

Head Coach, Inside Out PT

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