2019 Motivation

Seven ways to stay motivated in 2019

It’s the end of February, next week is the start of March. Time sure is flying in 2019!

How are you getting on with sticking to your new year’s resolutions? If you made plans to exercise more, eat healthier and take better care of your wellbeing, have you been making this a priority?

Hopefully you have built a healthier regime and are sticking to it and enjoying the benefits. No need to feel guilty if not, life is way too short to beat yourself up!

At this time of year the gyms gradually start emptying out and fitness class numbers fall as motivation fades. Habits from the past suddenly come creeping in again and the goals you set at the start of the year fade into insignificance as life commitments take over.

You are not alone; almost all of us will have peaks and troughs in our motivation – times when we are living healthier or going off-track. We are human after all.

Here are a few tips to re-boost your motivation to ensure that you have your body and mind in optimal health in 2019:


Remember your “WHY?”

Why is it important for you to live a healthier life? To live a longer life, look better, feel more confident, avoid illness and disease, feel stronger and fitter, able to carry out everyday tasks easier, to reduce stress, for sporting achievement, for your family.

Whatever your reasons to live a healthier lifestyle, keep these at the forefront of your mind. You can write down your main motivators and display them somewhere that you can see them often.


Breakdown your goals

Setting the goal of 10kg weight loss or taking part in your first 5K run can be a daunting prospect. By breaking down this goal into smaller steps you can keep working towards your ultimate goal. Start with outlining your longer-term goal and work back from there.

A 10kg weight reduction by Christmas is approximately 1kg weight loss each month, half a pound a week. If you want to run a 5K, start with 30seconds of running and build up week by week (the Couch 2 5K app can help with this).

Smaller goals are less daunting to achieve making you more likely to keep taking those steps forward.


Set weekly tasks and review

At the end of each week, sit down for 10 minutes and reflect on how your habits were that week and then make a few simple commitments to stick to for the following week. This process will help to keep you focused and constantly moving towards your goals. Here are a few ideas of simple healthy living commitments you aim for:

  • Eat your 5-A-Day
  • Keep a food diary everyday
  • No alcohol during the week
  • Get to bed half an hour earlier
  • Record 10,000 steps a day
  • Complete at least two fitness sessions
  • Drink 1.5-2l of water everyday


Reinforce positive behaviours

When you have achieved a task add a healthy reward directly after to reinforce the behaviour and make you want to repeat it.

Maybe after your exercise session you have a tasty smoothie ready to drink. Perhaps you could put the money you were going to spend on treats/alcohol/takeaways etc. in a separate account and exchange for a significant treat like a massage at the end of the week/month.  If your aim is to go to bed earlier, build a wind-down routine that includes something appealing like a relaxing bath, or enticing book to read.

Anything positive that makes you want to stick to your new habits is a good thing!


Buddy Up

A training partner can help keep you accountable and help you to stick to your healthy routines. Make sure the buddy you choose is also focused on improving their health and well-being too and not the type that will suggest going out for drinks instead of hitting your exercise routine!

At Inside Out PT we have a welcoming community of members that have fun training together and support one another in living healthier lives. Why have one training buddy when you can have several?! To book a FREE taster session go to www.insideout-pt.co.uk


Aim for 80/20

Rather than taking an “all or nothing” approach which can be difficult to maintain in the long-term, try focusing on getting the balance of sticking to healthy habits 80 percent of the time, which gives you 20 percent leeway to let the reigns go, without feeling guilty about it.


Get back on track ASAP

We are all likely to fall off the wagon at some point. When this happens, what counts is how quickly you get back on track! Don’t beat yourself up, put it behind you and resume the journey towards your goals as soon as possible.

Stay motivated and keep working towards achieving your wellbeing goals in 2019! You can do it!